What is "My Jurassic Place"?


„My Jurassic Place“ a novel by Kenny Kellens, going to be turned into a motion picture soon!!!!


 A compelling story full of drama, love, fun and action.

A MUST-HAVE for all dinosaur fans and bookworms. 


Reading adventure for the whole family and people of all ages!!



An adventure of the paleogeneticist Luisa and her family, Daniel and her son Max, who get in to a difficult situation with the pharmaceutical industry; and a fight against the disease of Max. After Luisa gets fired, she steals the dinosaur-DNA from her ex-employer and escapes to her homeland Austria. For her ambition and out of the love for her son she tries everything to invent a medicine, so she takes the risk and clones a dinosaur. Being occupied with making the medicine she does'nt notice her son Max befriends the dinosaur. The beginning of a relationship full of love and danger. But the family secret leaks out and dark forces aren't far away. The family is suddenly in danger. A story full of love, tension and action for the whole family.




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