Quiet on set... Filming in progress

Thanks to our partner A1

A1 Telekom employees enriched our film with their assistance, work experience and telecommunication expertise. It was a  joy to have them in front of our cameras.

G3 scenes are in the box!

Shopping, shopping, shopping!

The G3 Shopping Resort stayed open July 9th and 10th, 2016 to film scenes of My Jurassic Place. Thanks to all of our 400 extras for making these beautiful scenes come true! 


About 50 children from Oberwaltersdorf and the surrounding area voluntarily went to school July  4th, 5th und 6th, 2016 during their summer holiday!

They made the scenes a great experience for all. We had a great time and they did a wonderful job! A big thank you to the brave guys and girls! 


First day of shooting, scene 1, the first clap Aaaaand ACTION !!!!

Shooting of the film version of the novel "My Jurassic Place" by Kenny Kellens! Bartholomew Connoly (played by Bruno Thost) and Scott McKenzie (played by Alexander Rüdiger) have found  an active, excellently preserved dinosaur egg.  A giant discovery, from the heartwarming and action-filled story takes its course! The team did a great piece of work and is looking forward to more days of shooting of the exciting family film!  And above all we look forward to our amazing extras at the school in Oberwaltersdorf and G3 Shopping Resort!  Thanks to all the participants, all people and partners who made it possible!                                                                             

Photo: Peter F. Hickersberger

First FlyRad driving lesson



Cool first driving lesson with FlyRad! Kids loved it and did not want to stop! After an hour the first practice stunts were due! Well done kids!

And cheers for the brave Sissi !!! She just recently broke her hand. She was only supposed come to the briefing to see how it works... And within a blink of an eye and our backs turned ... she was already driving it !!! Girl Power !!!



The MY PLACE JURASSIC shooting can start !!!!

Rappi says "Hallo"!

Baby-Raptor Rappi is very excited to travel to Austria and sends warm greetings from sunny Los Angeles!


The scripts are here!

Another step is complete! The german screenplay is translated to english! Only a few more fine touches, and then ... ;-)


Novel is ready!


After long discussions, tears, re-writes and dictations! The novel "My Jurassic Place" is ready! 


Thanks to all involved! 


The pre-production of the film is starting now!